It is the 11th century and the Incisa family settles in the Monferrato area of Piedmont, in the North of Italy.

Fast forward another two centuries and monks lease land from the Incisa Estate to cultivate wines in an area of Rocchetta Tanaro called St. Emiliano.  

Fast forward another six centuries and the Marchese Leopoldo Incisa della Rocchetta becomes an eminence in viticulture and wine making. He is particularly well known for having experimented for the first time in Piedmont with some Pinot Noir vines.

Fast forward another century and the Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta leaves Piedmont to settle with his new bride in Bolgheri, Tuscany.


He brings with him the family knowledge and love of wines to create the great Sassicaia. In Piedmont, the historic Incisa Estate is now run by his brother Oddone and some of his sons.


Fast forward a few more years to 1990 and the Marchesa Barbara Incisa della Rocchetta inherits and purchases from other members of the family part of the estate. She makes major investments in moving the winery from the centuries-old cellars of the family castle to La Corte Chiusa in the heart of the village.


Fast forward to today and her son and daughter, Filiberto and Francesca, continue the tradition of excellence in wine making and hospitality with a unique experience.

Fast forward to the future and this boutique winery is harvesting the fruit of centuries of dedication, innovation and respect for the terroir.


Filiberto Massone Incisa della Rocchetta

Owner and

Managing Partner

Francesca Massone.jpeg

Francesca Massone

Owner and

Managing Partner

Enrico Incisa della Rocchetta

Consultant for Wine Distribution

Donato Lanati.jpg

Dr Donato Lanati

Senior Wine Consultant


Stefano Gozzellino

Winemaker and Head of Vineyard and Cellar Management


Alessio Marin

Winemaker and Head of Production 


Lorenza Gianotti

Head of Hospitality 


Blaska Kostadinova

Vineyards Management


Joko Kostadinov

Tractor Driver and Vineyards Management

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