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Medium bodied red wine. 100% Pinot Noir grapes

Marchese Leopoldo is our Pinot Noir, a vine that is an uncommon choice for Piemonte’s viticulture. For us, however, Pinot Noir is very familiar and has grown in our terroir for over 150 years, since the time of our ancestor, Leopoldo Incisa della Rocchetta. Leopoldo Incisa was one of the first wine scientists in the late 1850s who brought Pinot Noir vines from Burgundy to Piedmont and began to cultivate them on the hillside of his Rocchetta Tanaro vineyards. Since then, we have always felt very confident with this most aristocratic of all the wines. Our Marchese Leopoldo bears the name of this man, who dedicated his life and passion to the study and improvement of Piemonte viticulture.

  1. Average Annual Production: 350/400 cases
  2. Alcohol: 12.5%-13.5% alc. by volume
  3. Suggested Serving Temperature: 16 °C / 61 °F

Aging Potential:

This wine’s excellent structure allows it to express itself for a minimum of 15-20 years. The bottle should be stored in the dark, at a constant temperature of 15 °C / 59 °F in a horizontal position.

Food Pairing:

This wine is ideal for refined dishes. Excellent with pork, chicken, shellfish, fish and dishes with simple sauces.

Tasting notes:

  1. Color: Ruby red. With age it tends toward a garnet hue.
  2. Bouquet: A nose of great complexity, typical of the varietal of origin. Intense, persistent and refined, with notes of ripe cherry, tobacco and spices.
  3. Palate: A dry, round and harmonious taste with a medium body. Well-balanced. Savor the subtleties of pomegranate, chocolate & wild berries. Well integrated, followed by a long and elegant finish.