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Sparkling sweeet wine. 100% Moscato grapes from Canelli, Monferrato (Central Piedmont)

Moscato is the name of the grape, and it’s usually consumed during joyous occasions (Felice means happy in Italian). Moscato d’Asti is an aromatic wine with a sweet and fruity nose and a delicate effervescence. This sparkling dessert wine is known worldwide as a specialty of the Monferrato area. It can be appreciated also as an apertif wine with strawberries, or as a companion for medium-aged cheeses.

  1. Average Annual production: 1700 cases
  2. Alcohol: 5%-5.5% alc by volume
  3. Suggested Serving Temperature: 10-11 °C / 50-52 °F

Food Pairing:

Drink this wine with desserts and fruit, or enjoy it with aged cheeses.

Aging Potential:

Not suited for long aging, Moscato d’Asti should be consumed young and within two years from the vintage date.

Tasting notes:

  1. Color: Straw Yellow
  2. Bouquet: Fine and intense. Fragrant and floral. Lychee, white grapes and white peach. Scents of acacia tree flowers and wild sage.
  3. Palate: Pear, honeydew melon and honeysuckle. Naturally sweet with a delicate sparkle that will tickle your tongue.