Via Roma 66 - 14030 Rocchetta Tanaro, Piemonte, Italy +39.0141.644.647
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Together with the hills of Langhe and Roero, the Monferrato Hills represent the heart of viticulture in Piemonte. Here there is an ideal micro-climate. The sun warms the hills during cold winter months, preventing the vines from frost.
Gentle breezes keep vineyards fresh and dry after the rain, during the summer months. Temperature differences between night and day also help perfect the ripening of the grapes.
Our vineyards have excellent exposure in the hills surrounding Rocchetta Tanaro, and also within the regional natural park.
Cultivated with the highest respect for the environment, they are tended with environmentally-friendly techniques. By reducing yields for each vine (cutting away grapes when they are still green) and carefully hand-picking our grapes during harvest, we achieve a higher selection of the bunches, rendering a superior wine.


Now, all of our wines are vinified at La Corte Chiusa, our family’s beautifully restored estate in the village of Rocchetta Tanaro, prestigious for Barbera wine. Marchesa Barbara Incisa renovated this family’s one-time farmhouse, built by her grandfather, into a wine-making facility, tasting room and barriquerie. All the renovations were completed between 1991 and 1994. All important phases of winemaking take place here; from de-stemming the grapes, grape pressing and fermenting of the must, to malolactic fermentation, barrel aging and bottling of the wines. In collaboration with Dr. Donato Lanati, the brilliant and highly respected Piemontese enologist, each phase of production is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality. Renovated with respect to its original architectural characteristics, La Corte Chiusa today is a modern winery, equipped with stainless steel tanks, temperature controlled vats, superior wine storage and French oak barrels.

Rooms & Cottage

To learn more about our elegant rooms and cottage on the estate, please visit our Accomodations page.