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Our mission is to share a greater cultural perspective of Piemonte through our terroir-driven wines. We pride ourselves in using environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, rendering the purest of wines.

At Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta, we are committed to producing top quality wines that achieve balance, harmony and complexity that can only come from experience, dedication and passion.

We invite you to stay with us at the winery, where you will be at the center of a fascinating Italian region. Here you can gain a deeper understanding of our terroir and our culture – all in the viticultural heart of Piemonte.

The history of the Monferrato area and that of Marchesi Incisa della Rochetta, a family whose origins date back to before the eleventh century, are very closely linked. For centuries, our family has owned vineyards and produced its own wine, an activity most likely started by the Benedictine monks, who were given the right, by our family, to plant vines in the hills of our property in Rocchetta Tanaro. You can still see traces of their presence in the Saint’Emiliano votive chapel, which stands in our vineyard bearing the very same name, still owned by our family after so many centuries.

In the nineteenth century, the Marchese Leopoldo Incisa (1792-1871), a member of the Royal Academy of Agriculture in Turin, made significant contributions to research and knowledge in the fields of enology and grape varieties of that period.

The legendary Sassicaia was created by another member of our family, Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, a passionate winemaker and a true visionary. He married the Countess Clarice della Gherardesca, and moved from Piemonte to Bolgheri in Tuscany. An innovative and truly Piemontese winemaker, Mario created a new style of wine – Sassicaia- the first “Super Tuscan” red wine which, to this day, remains a benchmark for its category.

Since then, the Marchesi Incisa family produces wine within 2 estates; the historical one in Rocchetta Tanaro in Piemonte and that of Bolgheri in Tuscany.

In the wake of this tradition, the Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta continue to apply scientific research and technological innovation to enhance wine quality and safeguard the environment. It is no coincidence that some of our family’s best vineyards are to be found within Rocchetta Tanaro’s Natural Park, created by the Marchese Mario Incisa (1899-1983), founder and first president of the Italian World Wildlife Fund.

The hills of Monferrato are situated in central Piemonte. Strategically located within a short driving distance from historical, artistic and architectural sites, Monferrato is filled with Roman ruins, medieval castles, churches, abbeys and museums. Here you can visit our theatres and our music and dance festivals during the summer, all close to our estate. Drive through the hills to nearby winemaking areas like Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco, all within close proximity to Rocchetta Tanaro.

The Monferrato area offers food- and wine lovers a true expression of an ancient and still unspoiled territory. Visit the nearby town of Asti, and discover artisan cheeses and salumi, risotto and white truffles. For wine, be sure to taste Barbera, the most important wine in Monferrato. Barbera, which is both the name of the grape as well as the name of the wine, is vinified as a red wine and has experienced massive quality improvement over the last twenty years. Now, it stands along side Barbaresco and Barolo as a great ambassador of world-class wine production in Piemonte.

Barbera can be consumed young or aged in oak barrels. In its early years, Barbera reveals a great fruitiness and a bold purple hue, with full body and a vibrant and fresh taste on the palate. With oak aging, it reveals a great complexity on the nose, including red berries and spices and becomes rounder and more balanced, with a velvety, long finish. Possessing enormous aging potential, Barbera can last at least 15-20 years after bottling.

We invite you to taste our Barbera wines, including Sant’Emiliano and Valmorena, and our not-to-be missed blends, Rollone (Barbera & Pinot Noir) and Colpo d’Ala (Barbera & Merlot).

Piemonte is Italy’s western-most wine growing region, bordering Switzerland and France. Although it ranks 11th among regions in total production, Piemonte has the most DOC and DOCG zones in Italy. A region of great innovation and spirit, Piemonte wine producers have enormous respect for craftsmanship, tradition and history.

Piemontese growers were among the first to experiment with international grapes in the early 19th century, such as Pinot Noir (known as Pinot Nero in Italy), Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.At MarchesI Incisa della Rocchetta, we continue to blend these varieties with our native grapes. We call these blends Super Piemontese.

Outside of the Monferatto Hills of Asti (where Rocchetta Tanaro is located), there are two other important wine making regions. Alba (where Barbera and Dolcetto are grown) and the Langhe Hills (where Nebbiolo produces Barolo and Barbaresco wines). However, the most dramatic advance in vine growing and winemaking is with the Barbera grape (Alba and Asti), which after decades of being considered simple or common, has quickly taken the spotlight.

Exceptional white wines in Piemonte include the fragrant and zesty Arneis, the best of which is sourced from the region of Roero, and the lush and citrusy Gavi (the name of the grape and the region), which tastes much like a good Burgundy white.

Because of region’s wide highlands and plains, milk production is an important activity for Piemonte farms. The manufacture of cheese from local milk is an important traditional activity within the region.

Pair Piemonte’s world-class wines with our region’s local formaggi. A nirvana for cheese lovers, Piemonte produces some of the best cheese in Italy and perhaps in the world. Some are well known and some obscure, but over 50 varieties of traditional cheese is produced here alone. Many of these varieties have been granted the coveted EU Denomination of Protected Origin, or DOP. Fortunately, many of these cheeses here are available in the United States and other countries at gourmet markets and cheese shops.

Some of the most popular DOP cheeses include:

  • Robiola di Roccaverano
  • Taleggio
  • Gorgonzola
  • Murazzano
  • Toma Piemontese
  • Bra
  • Catelmagno
  • Raschera

It is the stuff of legend and mystery, and smells like earth, tree roots and the feet of angels. The white truffle, which in Piemontese is called trifola, is famous for its aroma, taste and aphrodisiac qualities. People look for it after sunset and ancient legends tell how, on moonlight night, the masche, a Piemontese fairy witch, can give directions to the searcher and his dog to find the hiding places of gigantic truffles.
For centuries people have traveled from near and far just to savor a little piece of this exotic and prized culinary experience. It is a gastronomical jewel only to be experienced at its fullest intensity in Piemonte, specifically around Alba.
From September until December the white truffle is harvested from its earthy home in the hills of the Langhe and Monferrato. The white truffle is a hypogean fungus, living entirely underground, ensconced among the roots’ trees, and those among the oaks are the most sought after by the trifulau (truffle hunter) and their dog. If you want to taste a truffle in its moment of full flavor and aromatic intensity, it is best to come to Alba, or other towns in the Langhe and Monferrato, all within a short distance from Marchesi Incisa winery.